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Wesley Alexander, MBA/JD

Principal & Founder | Promise and Potential 

In His Own Words

"My purpose calls me to live my beliefs so I can tangibly show my community how to do something because I have done it myself.  


I started Promise and Potential to provide expertise in business, start-up, and non-profit matters to black and brown communities as a medium to help stakeholders in these communities actualize their potential and visions into successful, sustainable, self-sufficient ventures.   


The red-lining of information, education, and resources has severely impacted our quality of life outcomes now and into the near future.  The only way we can change that narrative is for those of in the know to move in purpose for the whole, not for self.  Let's build."

Professional Background

Wesley Alexander has a diverse background in business (Fortune 60 ventures), start-ups (Co-Founder of a few platforms), science (Carnegie Institution of Washington, BS in Biology), Law (barred), non-profits (CoBiz Richmond), and government (FBI). 


Over his professional journey to date, Mr. Alexander managed nearly a half-a-billion dollars in budgets for Fortune 60 ventures, brought products to market for mature and early-stage ventures, participated in a merger, navigated business contraction, co-founded apps, ran an incubator, received grants, and counseled leaders of Small and Medium Enterprises, especially minority led enterprises.

Wesley also serves as the CEO for CoBiz Richmond, Inc. -- a 9,000 square foot business incubator co-working space in Richmond, CA which thrives to establish itself as a hub for entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, non-profit-teurs and young people. Wesley hopes his effort contributes to great entrepreneurial outcomes, self-sufficiency, and community wealth for the people of Richmond.

Wesley believes in discipline, accountability, collaboration, innovation, and the potential of others who are willing to invest in the manifestation of their own dreams.  

Wesley is a former special agent with the FBI where he worked securities fraud, national security, and many other violations.  Wesley is barred in Maryland, completed a joint JD/MBA from American University, loves nature, people, and practical application of technology to solve the challenges before us.


He is passionate about preparing the next generation for success as human beings and as a professionals.

In his own words, "Let's Build" and "We Must Do More."