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If you are new to entrepreneurship, or building a non-profit, or launching your idea, starting can appear very over-whelming.  My gift is my ability to simplify things for you in a manner you can understand, act on, and measure. Regardless of your educational or professional background, I will empower you to feel confident about your next steps in every way possible while also honoring what you share with me. 

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Where Do I Begin

Mobile App Requirements

If you are creating a mobile app, we can help you quickly identify the most critical features necessary to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to:  

  1. make it easier for a UX/UI designer to design your app;

  2. help your developer build efficiently with clear understanding of what you are building;

  3. acquire early adopters who provide you with invaluable feedback to help you build exactly what your target customer needs. 


Ultimately, we want to minimize costs in the initial build by providing the developers with a clear roadmap of your requirements and expectations.

mobile app

Business Idea Validation

Great ideas are high in supply; however, how do you know whether your great idea is profitable and/or sustainable?  

P&P leads you through a quick yet intense idea analysis to understand the viability of your idea to help you understand your options as well as make an intelligent decision.

Our business is built on trust so we will never tell you what you want to hear but we will share with you the best course of action to make your idea profitable and sustainable.

business idea validation
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Business Planning

(For-Profit & Non-Profit)

Starting any enterprise is major life decision that requires preparation to optimize each dollar earned, each hour invested, each expense incurred, and each sacrifice to establish a sustainable business.

Today, we live in a very agile, dynamic environment that requires an acute balance between preparation, agility, and innovation; as a result, we provide practical and digestible business plans which permit our clients to take strategic actions to sustainability and profitability.  

Non profit business planning

501(c)(3) Creation

Establishing state and federal tax-exemption is an important step to maximizing your non-profit status. P&P walks you through the process in a clear, succinct, easy to track manner to help you receive state and federal tax exemption. 

After acquiring your non-profit status, P&P informs  you of the various resources available to you as a recognized 501c3 enterprise as well as reminds you of the filing needed to help you maintain your non-profit status.

501 c 3

Funding Acquisition Planning

Whether a for-profit or non-profit enterprise, it is imperative to understand not only the capital options available to your enterprise but also the relationships that you must also cultivate. 

P&P walks you through the process in a clear, succinct, easy to track manner to help you generate funding.


Executive & Entrepreneur Coaching

With our 20 years of experience as an executive, manager, individual contributor in tech, business, non-profits, small business, law, as well as experience at benchmark enterprises from Intel, FBI, Greater Washington Board of Trade (GWBOT), CoBiz Richmond, and Care Innovations, we have a lot to offer any entrepreneur, executive director, civic leader, CEO to help them refine their business acumen, operational efficiency, and leadership. 


P&P is here to serve as trusted and invested life-partner on your journey to professional and entrepreneurial success.  

Baseball Player

Athlete Counseling

Athletes and their families are exploited way too regularly and it starts in High School to the Pros. It needs to stop especially since too many athletes of color are regularly taking advantage - from their health, to their wealth, to their trust. Under the counseling of Wesley Alexander, a former FBI Agent, a barred attorney, a Chief Executive Officer, and a finance professional, Wesley has one goal - tell you what you need to know so you can navigate all matters from a position of power, not ignorance, from dealing with coaches, agents, teams, business partners, friends, and romantic relationships. Your life and sacrifices are not a game, and Wesley ensures that you are prepared as a person, professional, and business person to win. 

Athlete Counseling
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